Welcome to Custom Beer Handles.

Founding Story

Custom Beer Handles is the ultimate creator of built-to-order items that tell the story of each brand. In 2014, Jessica Pezzotti founded the company with a vision to change the way beverage companies unveil their brand to the world. In a nutshell, we are the company manufacturing those eye-catching tap handles that make you excited to order a drink. Beyond tap handles, we produce other specialty items such as: custom retail displays, chalkboards & LED signs. Our ultimate goal is to help you outsell competitors at retail.

Beginning with a collaborative design process, products are then manufactured in our factory where ideas come to life. Capturing an audience with an epic tale is what we live for and it shows. Today, we are the only tap handle company in Colorado and the only woman-owned tap handle company in the US. And that’s something to cheers to!

Our Process

Letter from our Founder

The story of Custom Beer Handles really starts with a big, spirited family – my family. Early memories of family gatherings bring back an array of food, drinks, wit, music and laughter. Everyone knew my grandparents particular drink order while the next generation thrived on variety and innovation. As our band multiplied, my brother, cousins and I emerged as the next fearless generation. I was the youngest for a long time and was completely captivated by our sparkling joie de vivre​. Through my family, a seed of daringness was planted in me. As it turns out, it was the exact right amount to lead me into the entrepreneurial world.

Presently, I feel like nothing and everything has changed. My family and I sit around the dinner table planning our next meals while tasting new beers, natural wine & crafted cocktails. We could toast, taste and talk for hours on end. It is at the same table that I began my company. Growing over the years has pushed creative boundaries and perpetuated great pride in what we do while also encouraging humility. That is why in 2018 we created the Taps Give Back program to do some good in this world.

To the Custom Beer Handles team, client family & beverage obsessed folk: I am passionately dedicated to creating the best tap handle company for you.


Founder & CEO, Custom Beer Handles

Taps Give Back

The Taps Give Back Program launched in 2018 to give both our company and clients the opportunity to give back to our community. Through the Taps Give Back Program, we donate a portion of tap handle proceeds to a charitable or non-profit organization. We even included a customized note card sharing these efforts inside each tap handle box to spread awareness to each recipient. Here are just some of the organizations we’ve contributed to since it began:

To learn more about this program, feel free to contact today our Customer Service Team.