Welcome to Custom Beer Handles.

Who We Are: We are a premier tap handle designer, tap handle supplier, and tap handle manufacturer of custom tap handles, beer tap handles and point-of-sale products for the craft beer and beverage industry. Tap handles that begin as simple material like metal, wood, plastic, or poly-resin urethane, will be carefully crafted and hand painted into the masterpiece that represents your brand identity and engages your customers. It is also our pleasure to offer unlimited Point-of-Sale solutions so your brand leaves a lasting impression on the world of craft beer.

Mission & Capabilities: Dedicated to providing the finest quality design, and production of point of purchase displays, tap handles and promotional materials. Our company specializes in handling complicated projects from conception to delivery. Innovation, experience, and hard work are the tools we use to ensure our client’s expectations are exceeded.

Facilities & Materials:

  • What’s right for you- Searching for Made in USA, launching on a budget, or trying to meet a tight deadline? We’ll review all project needs and develop the best plan.
  • Production- Our production centers are located in the US and China. Countless materials and quality printing processes are used to bring your vision to life.
  • Sustainability- If you’re an eco-conscious company or simply want an eco-chic look, we source and customize the right materials to help you achieve this goal.
  • Warehousing- Domestic and overseas warehousing is available upon request.