Tell the story of your brand.

Gathering after work, exploring the beer menu in hopes of the day’s simplest choice, one turns and elects, “A round of that one there, with the flying monkey on top!”  This moment connects the beer to every new and returning customer.  A great tap handle will grab the attention of onlookers and compel them to place an order.  Our goal is to help you win the business every time.

Your custom tap handle begins with a creative brainstorm, as establishing the details of your brand and vision will help us map out the best plan for you. Popular materials include wood, metal, ceramic, and poly-resin urethane. The design and material will dictate the best production method. For instance, routing clean finished wood will be a different process than molding poly-resin urethane that creates detailed figural designs not achievable by other materials. Lastly, injection molding can be a very effective method of producing tap handles when the volume is there. The bottom line is we analyze all aspects of a project to provide the best plan of action.

We are a premier tap handle designer, tap handle supplier and tap handle manufacturer of custom tap handles, beer tap handles & POS for the beer and beverage industry.

Consultation includes review and analysis of:

• Branding & design goals
• Materials & dimensions
• Volume & budget
• Delivery strategy & logistics

Custom Tap Handle Types: