Custom polyurethane resin tap handles are ideal for complex shapes, detailed characterization and overall figural designs. The process begins by creating a mold for the shape. From there, our Production Team enhances the resin tap handle by applying decals, painting and adding any additional materials or hardware required for your design. We even have the ability to paint this material to represent other natural materials like wood and metal, but with flexibility only achieved by resin. The unique outcomes available by this process only alongside the long lifespan are the largest benefits of custom polyurethane resin tap handles. The resin design we create will be sure to capture the attention and maintain the excitement of consumers everywhere.

More things to consider…

• Quantity- 100 unit minimum. Pricing decreases when volume increases!
• Design- We will design and suggest the best material for your brand and budget.
• Detailing- You have the option to combine decoration processes or add multiple decals.
• Delivery- Whether made in the US or overseas, we always suggest the best options for delivery.

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