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What are custom tap handles?

You might be asking yourself, “what is a tap handle?” And while you’re not alone, tap handles are present in almost every restaurant, bar and even coffee shop worldwide. The next time you’re out, take notice of that beautifully crafted billboard that’s used to pour cold beer behind the bar and remember the name Custom Beer Handles.

Headquartered in Denver, Custom Beer Handles is now the #1 manufacturer of tap handles for the craft beer & beverage industry. From design to delivery, we evolve client’s branding dreams into a tangible reality.  Breweries and beverage companies need us to turn on the light bulb of awareness to see how our products & services advance their growth.

Why do you need custom tap handles?

With over 7,000 craft breweries competing in the US today, in addition to the hundreds opening annually, each must stand out to be successful in this beer renaissance. Most consumers are not craft beer connoisseurs so reading draught lists can be very daunting. Well designed tap handles summon new customers while prompting patrons to come back for more. We found a way to link the consumer’s taste and visual experience to optimize the brand recognition of each brewery by offering distinctive tap handle designs.

Because every keg sold must include a tap handle, it’s vital for breweries to have solid inventory to support distribution. Our strategy to help our client’s conquer their goals is built on establishing relationships early on so the best practices are in place, readying them for growth. Consumers crave the on-tap experience and are hoping to be wowed by a unique and alluring tap handle that stands out in a crowd. At Custom Beer Handles, we pledge to produce the best custom tap handle for your brand.

How many custom tap handles should you order?

Custom Beer Handles is a manufacturing company that specializes in the production of custom tap handles, signage & Point of Sale products that help brands outsell their competition at retail. Because manufacturing is always a volume game, there are going to be minimum order quantities and price breaks with volume increase. Here is a guideline on choosing the best tap handle quantity for your next tap handle order:

  • There is a 100 unit minimum for custom tap handles.
  • Our factory also produces orders as large as 50,000 units at a time.
  • Price breaks typically start at 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500 and so on.
  • We will waive the set up fees for qualified orders. 
  • It is an industry best practice for craft breweries & beverage companies to order enough tap handle inventory for at least 12-18 months of distribution.
How much are custom tap handles?

Every day, we have new customers ask us, “How much are custom tap handles?” Since every tap handle order we produce is custom designed, the pricing comes down to the complexity of the design, materials used and number of tap handles ordered. With so many variables, it’s easier to give you a range, which we’ve included below:

  • Average tap handle pricing can range between $15-$30 per unit.
  • There is typically a one-time set up fee that includes the intricate tap handle prototyping process that will set your tap handle orders up for success. 
  • Expect to spend between $0-$1,000 for the custom tap handle set up fee. 
  • With all of this in mind, the average opening order is $3,500 for the 100 unit minimum order. While this budget would certainly increase with higher volume, calculated price breaks would offer better value that should always be considered for growth stages. 
  • In short, we strive to find the best bang for your buck!
What is the lead time for custom tap handles?

Planning the timeline for new custom tap handle orders as well as reorders is incredibly important. Remember to give you and your team ample time on that first order! Below are just some recommendations from the Custom Beer Handles team:

  • Allocate at least 2 months for the design + prototype phase.
  • Allow 2-3 months for the production of your custom tap handle order.
  • Expect some variation in the above production times when:
      • Modifications to prototypes are requested. If the requested changes are cosmetic, our Production Team may need 5-10 business days to complete. If the requested changes, however, are structural, we may require an additional 4-6 weeks to re-prototype.
    • Higher volume orders like 10,000 units+ are being produced.
    • Approvals or artwork is delayed by our customers, as we can only move as quickly as you let us!
  • In addition to production time, your Project Manager will also review the delivery options with estimated transit times so you can plan & make the best decision for product distribution. Below are examples of how delivery can affect a custom tap handle order lead time:
    • Tap handle orders of 100-500 units are typically shipped via air freight, which requires 1 week of transit time.
    • Tap handle orders of over 500 units are typically shipped via ocean to the port closest to the final delivery point. This method requires 4-5 weeks in total.
    • Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered on the delivery logistics.

    Your dedicated Project Manager will keep you educated and informed every step of the way so you can effectively plan for keg distribution. If you have a desired in-hands date for your custom tap handle project, be sure to let us know in the beginning and we’ll do everything possible to meet your request. Don’t wait- contact us today and start planning now!

What thread size is a custom beer tap handle?

When designing a custom tap handle, there is the option for an internal or external ferrule. The ferrule is the ⅜” threaded hardware that serves as the connecting piece to the draught faucet. An internal tap handle ferrule can be strictly functional, as it will serve its purpose without being visible to the consumer. An external ferrule, however, can double as an aesthetic accent to the overall tap handle design. Options for different shapes and finishes are even available! For example, we produce tap handles with chrome, bronze, and matte black finished external ferrules. When designing a custom tap handle with an external ferrule, it’s important to remember that these add approximately 1” in height to the tap handle design. Still have questions? Shoot us an email.

Do we produce other products for retail marketing?

Given the name Custom Beer Handles, it’s pretty clear that we produce custom tap handles for breweries. But let’s not forget about all our wonderful customers in coffee, wine, kombucha & spirits! Furthermore, we also proudly design & manufacture custom Point-of-Sale products for craft breweries & beverage companies worldwide. Below are examples of custom POS products we produce to help brands outsell their competition at retail:

Why is Custom Beer Handles the best tap handle supplier?

Custom Beer Handles is the ultimate creator of built-to-order items that tell the story of each brand. Jessica Pezzotti founded Custom Beer Handles with a mission to change the way craft breweries & beverage companies present their brand to the world. Her desire to disrupt the industry was rooted in a passion for branding and its relation to consumerism. When you hear the word craft, do you think small? Not anymore.

Headquartered in Denver, Custom Beer Handles is now the #1 designer and manufacturer of custom tap handles for craft breweries, wineries, coffee, kombucha & spirit companies. In a nutshell, we are the best company manufacturing those eye-catching tap handles that make you excited to order a drink. Beyond tap handles, we produce other specialty items such as: custom retail displays, chalkboards & LED signs. Our goal is to help you outsell competitors at retail. Beginning with a collaborative design process, products are then manufactured in our factory where ideas come to life. Capturing an audience with an epic tale is what we live for and it shows.

Wait…there’s more?

The Taps Give Back Program that launched in 2018 donates a portion of the proceeds to charities and non-profit organizations on behalf of their clients. The on-tap phenomenon is just getting started and they are revolutionizing marketing for the craft beer and beverage industry. Last but not least, The Tory Burch Foundation selected Jessica as a 2018 Fellow, an elite program designed to support female entrepreneurs dominating in their field. Today, we are the only woman-owned tap handle company in the US. And that’s something to cheers to!

Learn more by reaching out to us + join the Taps Give Back program.

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