Started in 2014 by Jessica Pezzotti, Custom Beer Handles is a group of professional tap handle designers and tap handle manufacturers with a passion for marketing tap handles, custom tap handles, beer tap handles, and all point-of-sale in the retail world. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the Custom Beer Handles Team can be found hitting the slopes, sipping their favorite craft beer or supporting the local music & arts when they’re off duty. It is our unparalleled work ethic, variety of expertise and creative force that drives real results for our customers worldwide. As a growing company, it is important that we establish and develop our culture, brand, and objectives. These are the 10 Core Values we live and breathe at Custom Beer Handles:

1.) Energize Team Spirit
2.) Share Passion
3.) Welcome Adventure
4.) Thrive in a World of Creation
5.) Envision Positive Transformation
6.) Embrace Humility
7.) Knock Their Socks Off
8.) Build + Optimize Communication
9.) Make Things Happen
10.) Learn Something New Every Day

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