How to Ramp Sales In Craft Beer Now & Later:

In recent weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has forced bars and restaurants throughout the nation to close or reduce their capacity. If on-premises sales make up a large portion of your company’s annual revenue, you may be wondering what you can do to limit the financial impact these closures will have on your organization.

Here at Custom Beer Handles, we are recommending that our clients consider taking the following five steps:

1.) Stay Connected with Your Customers:

Nobody can say for sure how long the coronavirus is likely to impact the global economy. However, it is possible that it could be months before your customers get the chance to purchase your beverage in their favorite bar or restaurant again. During the intervening period, it is vital that you connect with them regularly to keep your brand at the forefront of their mind while they wait for this crisis to reach its conclusion.

2.) Remind the Public Why They Love Your Brand:

For years, your customers have chosen your beverage brand over the competition for a reason. They may love the taste, they might like your marketing, or they could even appreciate your company’s ethics. As your customers spend the next few weeks cooped up at home, you would be wise to use social media or email marketing to remind them about the things they love about your brand. In doing so, you may even pick up a few new fans along the way!

3.) Boost Your Off-Premises Sales:

The coronavirus pandemic may have closed bars and restaurants, but grocery stores and mini-marts are now busier than ever. If you want to keep your company ticking along nicely until the crisis is over, you would be wise to ramp up your sales at establishments such as these.

You can accomplish this goal by encouraging retailers to showcase your products with a custom POP display or signs. The following items tend to be particularly effective at attracting the attention of shoppers:

  • Metal floor displays
  • Wood floor displays
  • Cardboard displays
  • Pole toppers
  • Case stackers
  • Cardboard case cards
  • Tin tackers

4.) Work Closely with Your Distributor:

As you scramble to deal with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, you may not have the financial flexibility to spend money on wood signs, neon signs, pole toppers, and tin tackers to keep your products moving. However, it is important to remember that your distributor is also incentivized to keep your sales up. As such, they may be willing to invest in some point-of-sale marketing materials on your behalf. Speak to them to find out more about how they can help.

5.) Get Ready to Sell When Premises Reopen:

The coronavirus crisis will eventually come to a conclusion, and bars and restaurants will soon begin to reopen. When this time comes, you need to be ready to supply your accounts as quickly as possible. So, when you have some down-time over the next few weeks, be sure to put together a plan that details how you intend to get back to full capacity when things return to normal.

Do you need some help ramping up sales during the coronavirus pandemic? At Custom Beer Handles, we can provide you with the wire floor displays, tin tackers, LED signs, POP displays, and other materials you need to get your inventory moving. From design to production and deliver, we are the best Point of Sale solutions company in the US. And did we mention, we’re woman owned and located in Denver, Colorado? To learn more about our products and services, just shoot us an email at [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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